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Africa Twin

Thanks to Mr.C. who brought in this photo of his recently completed Tamiya Honda Africa Twin.


It’s good to know some of the kits bought from us are built!


1st trains of 2017

Spring is here. Garden railway weather is too! (Thanks to KB for the photos.)

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Faversham, 30 years ago today…


photo by MG

Tamiya Operation Iraqi Freedom M1A2 Abrams

Thanks to PI for bringing in his recently completed Tamiya 1/35th scale M1A2 Abrams for display. This model is currently on show in our shop window… It can also be seen in various stages of construction on PI’s Youtube channel – M1A2 build – tanks alot!

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New Year Honours

In 2015 customers looked for over 10000 search terms on our website.

The top 3 weeks searched for were:-

  1. jan154 with 3458 searches
  2. aug154 with 2929
  3. mch152 with 2789

The top 5 manufacturers searched for were:-

  1. Heljan with 2313 searches
  2. Minitrains with 1868
  3. Herpa with 1399
  4. Busch with 1059
  5. Brawa with 758

The “Big 2” of Hornby and Bachmann had 355 and 217 searches respectively.

We also had 1 search for “Brother Sewing Machine”, 1 for “Her parents” (we think a little automatic spell correct came in to this one) and 1 (surprisingly!) for “if ‘sleep ’15’, null, null’, null,null,null.null,null”

Happy  New Year!


Thanks to PI for sending photos of his recently completed Dragon Elefant.

and his next project…


Faversham 1966

Faversham 31.8.1966

Thanks to JC for this photo he took on 31st August 1966 showing BR Cl.71 E5018 passing Faversham’s wagon repair shop.

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