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Heljan announcement

untitled2All-new Derby/Sulzer Type 2 in ‘OO’ to follow the ‘O’ gauge version. Ten versions in development – PLUS first-ever ready-to-haul (RTH) ‘OO’ models of ETHEL train heating units!


Development work is well advanced on HELJAN’s latest ‘OO’ gauge BR diesel locomotive project – the popular Derby/Sulzer Type 2 in its final Class 25/3 guise. The model will benefit from the research and development that has gone into our forthcoming ‘O’ gauge ’25/3′ (due for release later this year) and is expected to make rapid progress towards a first release in 2019.


No fewer than TEN versions have been selected, covering a broad cross-section of BR green, BR blue and special liveries and offering a choice of London Midland, Scottish and Western Region prototypes from the mid-1960s to the late-1980s.

The model represents the final development of the 478 Derby/Sulzer Type 2s, which started with Class 24 in the late-1950s. Our model will cover the D5238-99 and D7500-D7677 batches, built by Derby Works and Beyer, Peacock of Manchester between December 1963 and April 1967.

For the first time, models will also be offered as the famous Scottish Region ‘ETHEL’ (Electric Train Heating Ex-Locomotive) train heating units converted from Class 25/3s as a short-term solution prior to the delivery of Class 37/4s in 1985. These machines later found work with InterCity’s Charter Unit, lasting into the 1990s.

The new HELJAN Class 25/3 will feature our renowned high-performance chassis with all-wheel drive and all-wheel pick-up, illuminated headcode panels and marker lights, a 21-pin DCC decoder interface and provision for DCC sound.

All the above information about this project is subject to change, but more details about the specification and pricing will be announced as the project develops. Look out for updates on the HELJAN Facebook page and in the model railway press



2530 – BR two-tone green D7645 with small yellow panels

2531 – BR two-tone green D5244 with small yellow panels – WEATHERED

2532 – BR two-tone green D7550 with full yellow ends and BR blue data panel

2533 – BR early blue D7661 with small yellow panels

2534 – BR rail blue D7667 with full yellow ends (twin double arrows – 1,000th loco built at Derby Works)

2535 – BR rail blue 25252 (LMR) with full yellow ends (single, central double arrows) and headcode panel still in place

2536 – BR rail blue 25155 (WR) with full yellow ends (single, central double arrows) and headcode panel still in place- WEATHERED

2537 – BR Rail Blue 25093 (ScR/LMR) with bodyside numbers (single, centrally placed double arrows) and ‘domino’ headcodes

2538 – BR 25912 Tamworth Castle ‘Ice Cream Van’ livery with silver roof

2539 – BR Special two-tone green D7672 Tamworth Castle

2540 – BR blue/grey ETHEL1 ADB97250

2541 – InterCity ETHEL3 ADB97252


Farewell to Friends…


NEW Bachmann SE Area Exclusive

32-370NF_nsfBuilt new for the Western Region in 1965 as D6692 some 53 years ago, this locomotive still survives today as 37425. 37425 was one of a number of Class 37/4 locos purchased by DRS from DB Schenker for re-use. Once overhauled for a new lease of life with DRS, 37425 was painted into the distinctive DRS Compass livery.


37425 was dual-named “Sir Robert McAlpine”/”Concrete Bob” in 2013 at a ceremony at DRS Crewe. This South-East Regional Area Exclusive model represents the locomotive soon after its naming around the 2014-15 period.
37425 has seen extensive use working passenger trains on the Cumbrian Coast route between Carlisle and Preston (via Barrow). Initially used in “Top and Tail” mode with another Class 37/4 on the rear of the train, these 3-4 carriage trains were formed of former BR Mk2F stock outshopped in DRS livery. These additional trains run by Northern Rail/DRS have improved seating capacity on the route and allowed BNFL workers to commute to Sellafield by train. 37425 is still active with DRS, currently working on the Norwich to Great Yarmouth/Lowestoft passenger diagrams.


This loco is due for release in August 2018 and will be available in both analogue and DCC Digital Sound versions.

Pre-order the analogue loco today @ Concrete Bob

Pre-order the DCC sound loco today @ Robert McAlpine


Peco Bullhead Turnouts announcement


Delivery of the highly anticipated PECO Streamline OO Bullhead Large Radius Turnouts is imminent, so we are now inviting forward orders.

For those of you who may not be aware of the legacy that the hobby in the UK has to deal with,  it will help to explain why this new track system will be popular with some model railway enthusiasts. In the UK, proprietary model railway rolling stock is produced to a scale of 4mm to the foot (OO scale), but runs on HO scale track, hence the reason behind our track needing to be 16.5mm gauge. Because of this, PECO have always considered it best practice to compromise on the scale and spacing of the sleepers, in light of the hybrid scale/gauge of the track, and therefore the sleepers are proportioned to be more visually acceptable. However, there has been an enthusiastic demand in recent years for a prototypical track replicating British Railway practice, using bullhead rail, but with sleepers proportioned more closely to 4mm scale. The result has been the new PECO Streamline “Bullhead” range, strictly OO scale in all ways except the gauge, which has to remain at 16.5mm in order to accept the models that will be operated on it.

Key features to highlight include:
  • Wider sleeper proportions, set at a spacing appropriate for 4mm scale.
  • Bullhead profile nickel silver rail.
  • Fine rail chair and bolt detail, fine wood grain effect.
  • Solid, machined point blade.
  • Nickel silver check rails.
  • Unifrog format.
  • Compatibility with all existing OO/HO Code 75 turnouts.


UNIFROG – these new turnouts, like all other PECO turnouts, work straight out of the pack without modification. However, the frog tip itself is a separate unit that can be “powered” (that is, switch the polarity according to the route selected) in conjunction with a changeover or micro switch, making use of the factory-welded wire attached to the frog tip.  Unlike electrofrog turnouts, the modeller does not have to break any wires underneath the turnout to isolate the frog unit, nor bond across from the stock rail to the point blade, or even use insulating joiners, so is far easier to use as a result. These new arrangements lend themselves to being especially DCC-friendly.


It is worth mentioning here that due to the unique shape of the rail profile, it is not possible to manufacture these turnouts in the usual semi-automated manner, by a process known as “insert moulding”. Therefore the turnouts have to be mostly hand-assembled, which is reflected in the higher retail price compared to a standard turnout. Because of the hand-built nature of this product there will be longer lead times involved to replenish stock if the demand is high.
SL-U1188 PECO Streamline OO Bullhead Turnout Large Radius R/H
UK SRP inc. VAT £32.50

SL-U1189 PECO Streamline OO Bullhead Turnout Large Radius L/H
UK SRP inc. VAT £32.50

We already have flexible track (SL-108F) and rail joiners (SL-114), available in the range so these new turnouts will kick-start modellers to really get on with their next new layouts!

It’s worth mentioning here that the rail joiners for bullhead rail are really quite special, incorporating bolt detail: you can really see that the bolts are square in profile, and all set at different positions, just like the real thing!

With PECO Streamline OO Bullhead, we have taken
track detail to a whole new level!

Fleischmann Autum/Winter news

Click HERE to view the Fleischmann Autumn/Winter new release sheet

Roco Autumn/Winter news

Click HERE to view the Roco Autumn/Winter new release sheet.

Dapol O gauge 14XX

GWR Class 4800/1400 & 5800

The 14XX was a GWR tank locomotive designed for branch line passenger and freight work. Although the design is attributed to Collett, much of the actual locomotive was derived from the earlier 19th century George Armstrong designed 517 Class. Entering service in 1932, in all 75 were built and ran well into the 1960s with 4 surviving into preservation. An autocoach was often combined with a 14XX on many branch line operations. The driving cab on the autocoach meant that the locomotive could be controlled from there and negated the requirement to run the locomotive round at the end of the journey. This format was known as a push-pull train. The Dapol 14XX & autocoach will complement each other very nicely of any GWR based layout.

14xxFeatures of the 14XX include:

• Die-cast running plate
• Fully compensated die-cast chassis
• Die-cast and profiled wheels
• High level of separately applied detail
• Flickering fire light effect
• Removable cab roof for ease of posing your locomotive crew
• Sprung metal buffers and articulated screw coupling
• Dapol’s proven motor and gearbox offering exceptional smooth performance and slow running capabilities
• DCC Ready, incorporating Dapol’s new ‘Quick-fit’ DCC and speaker design
• Un-numbered versions of each livery will be available so that you can model your local locomotive


Proposed Models

7S-006-001 48xx Class GWR Great Western Green 4800 Auto fitted                                   £190
7S-006-001D 48xx Class GWR Great Western Green 4800 Auto fitted DCC                        £210
7S-006-001S 48xx Class GWR Great Western Green 4800 Auto fttd DCC & Sd                   £330
7S-006-002 48xx Class GWR Shirtbutton Green 4871                                                             £190
7S-006-002D 48xx Class GWR Shirtbutton Green 4871 DCC                                                  £210
7S-006-002S 48xx Class GWR Shirtbutton Green 4871 DCC & Sound                                  £330
7S-006-020 14xx Class Green GWR Green1432 Auto fitted                                                   £190
7S-006-020D 14xx Class Green GWR Green1432 Auto fitted DCC                                        £210
7S-006-020S 14xx Class Green GWR Green1432 Auto fitted DCC & Sound                        £330
7S-006-021 14xx Class BR Early Crest Black 1405 Auto fitted Top Feed                             £190
7S-006-021D 14xx Class BR E/Crest Black 1405 Auto fitted Top Feed DCC                         £210
7S-006-021S 14xx Class BR E/Crest Blck 1405 A/fitted Top Feed DCC & Sd                         £330
7S-006-022 14xx Class BR E/Crest Lined Green 1444 Auto fitted Top Feed                        £190
7S-006-022D 14xx Class BR E/Crest Lined Green 1444 A/fitted Top Feed DCC                  £210
7S-006-022S 14xx Class BR E/Crest Lnd Grn 1444 A/fitted Top Feed DCC & S                    £330
7S-006-023 14xx Class BR L/Crest Lined Green1426 Auto fitted Top feed                          £190
7S-006-023D 14xx Class BR L/Crest Lnd Grn1426 A/fitted Top feed DCC                            £210
7S-006-023S 14xx Class BR L/Crest Lnd Grn1426 A/fitted Top feed DCC & Sd                   £330
7S-006-050 58xx Class Great Western Green 5811                                                                  £190
7S-006-050D 58xx Class Great Western Green 5811 DCC                                                       £210
7S-006-050S 58xx Class Great Western Green 5811 DCC & Sound                                       £330
7S-006-051 58xx Class GWR Shirtbutton Green 5809                                                             £190
7S-006-051D 58xx Class GWR Shirtbutton Green 5809 DCC                                                  £210
7S-006-051S 58xx Class GWR Shirtbutton Green 5809 DCC & Sound                                  £330
7S-006-052 58xx Class BR Early Crest Black 5819                                                                   £190
7S-006-052D 58xx Class BR Early Crest Black 5819 DCC                                                        £210
7S-006-052S 58xx Class BR Early Crest Black 5819 DCC & Sound                                        £330

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