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Peco OO Bullhead track update

Received today from Peco…


We are delighted to announce the release of the latest addition to the famous Streamline brand of flexible track!
Much requested by modellers, the new OO scale bullhead track from PECO represents the common style of track once seen all over the UK (and in some parts of France too!). Even today, bullhead track can still be found on secondary routes and in sidings, so the time frame for this track is very wide. With sleeper dimensions and spacing closer to 4mm/OO scale (despite the track gauge still being 16.5mm), visually this track does look impressive once ballasted and weathered. It was always going to be a compromise, but we think that the result is pleasing to the eye. Certainly, the attention to detail of the rail chair fixings should be noted, a visual necessity for replicating true bullhead track.
Here are the key points to note about our new track:
  • Correct track gauge for most commercially available rolling stock – no risk of derailment on curves.
  • Sleeper depth matches existing PECO track, so fully compatible with other 16.5mm gauge (OO/HO) track in the PECO range.
  • Rail chairs feature realistic detail, with superb wood grain effect on sleepers.
  • Accurate bullhead rail profile.
  • Nickel silver rail – the best material for electrical conductivity.
  • Made in Britain to the robust high standards expected and set by PECO.
The track has been produced in one yard (3 feet) lengths, and is supplied to the trade in cartons of 25. Specific joiners, featuring rail bolt detail, are in development for the early part of the new year, but in the meantime you can use the SL-110 Rail Joiner for Code 75, which can be used to connect lengths of the bullhead track very well.
Above: coming soon in early 2017  – the SL-114 bullhead rail joiner
We are building up stocks of this new track, but manufacturing this product does take longer than our standard flexible track, and we will do our best to keep this line in stock during the early days of its release. If it should go out of stock this should only be for short periods as we keep up with the anticipated demand.
A new turnout is also under development for 2017, based on the large radius design currently used in the Streamline range. News on this will follow in the new year.

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