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Shunting announcement

Received from Denmark today…

“Dear HELJAN customer

Following from our usual ‘big’ diesel policy we are pleased to announce two new models to enhance our range

Hunslet BR class 05 ‘D2574’ diesel shunter

Our model will be based on the type A variant and at present the following models are planned:-

2590 – BR plain green

2591 – BR green with ‘wasp’ ends

2592 – BR blue with ‘wasp’ ends

2593 – Industrial yellow livery

2594 – Industrial dark blue livery

2595 – Industrial maroon livery

 All will be unnumbered and whilst we realise some are fictitious liveries, we feel they are worth including for those modellers who wish to operate an industrial element on their layout.

CAD has been approved for this project and we are awaiting the first test samples for evaluation

SRP is expected to be £     with release planned for

 BR class 03 ‘D2000’ diesel shunter

 This model is currently in development and will reflect an as-built vacuum braked example.

Versions will include both ‘conical’ and ‘flowerpot’ exhausts and will reflect all the livery options.

At this early stage there is no SRP or release date.”

Please note the SRP and release date for the ’05’s were left blank on the email. Once this info is known we will update.

If any of these locos are of interest please contact us.

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