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The Fastest Train in the World

Want to go for a ride? Here’s the deal:

You have to appreciate the speed from the shot from the bridge. You thought the train from Paris to Avion was fast at 300 km/h but this is something else.

This is a high speed train built by the Alstom rail group in Belfort, France. They share manufacturing facilities with the GE Energy Products Europe (EPE) Gas Turbine group. The video was provided by the GE EPE Chief Engineer in Belfort.

The train hit 574.8 Km/h which works out to 357.2 MPH or Mach 0.482! In particular, watch the train going under a bridge with people watching. This is FAST!!

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General discussion

Is there something you wish to discuss? Is there something you wish to ask? Then please do so…

Realtrack Pacer announcement

We have today received the following email from REALTRACK Models…

“Just to keep you up-dated:

We have not finalised our Class 143 program yet but our thoughts on this are:

Class 143 Units (2012 Batch)

143-211 Arriva Trains Wales named ‘Sir Tom Jones’

143-212 Arriva Trains Wales un-named.

143-213 First Great Western ‘Local Lines’ livery

143-214 First Great Western ‘Local Lines’ livery

We are planning the next batch of Class 143 liveries, our thoughts are:

143-311 Wessex Trains ‘Visit Bristol’ livery (Bristol Zoo promotion)

143-312 Wessex Trains ‘Visit Bristol’ livery (SS Great Britain promotion)

143-313 Valley Lines 143 named ‘Valley Kids’

143-314 Valley Lines 143 un-named.

143-315 Regional Railways liveried 143 with Valley Lines logo.(Not Tom Jones as we will have Sir Tom Jones in Arriva Trains Wales livery)

143-316 Regional Railways liveried 143818 named ‘Mute Swan’ for the Swan Line promotion (Cardiff-Swansea line)

143-317 Regional Railways liveried 143 un-named.”

As stated these liveries are not finalised but offer an idea of what will be available. If any (or all!) are of interest please let us know…

Trasporti Italiani

On our recent trip to Asti, Italy we happened across their republic day bank holiday procession of emergency services. Included in the procession were…Carabinieri Alfa 159

Polizia Alfa 159

Polizia Penitenziaria

Croce Rossa Italiana Militairia Fiat Campagnolo

Plus various other vehicles including local police, mountain rescue, fire brigade and ambulance services.

A couple of days later we took the train to Milan…

Trenitalia Regione Piemonte Minuetto ME063

Trenitalia E444R on a Torino to Lecce service took us from Asti to Voghera where we changed to a Regionale service.

2 Freccia Rossa (Red Arrow) units at Milano Centrale

Our train back to Asti, a push-pull Trenitalia Regionale double deck train pushed by E464.530

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