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smartRail by Roco

smartRail by Roco is a new loco testing/demonstration system including their newest DCC Digital Control system the Z21 and a 2-rail/3-rail compatible rolling road.

Mounted on a wooden base with a perspex display cover the inital smartRail release will include OBB 310.23 2-6-4 tender loco with full DCC Digital Sound capability.

This system is operable using a smart phone and/or tablet device.

Along the front edge of the display base will be touch buttons for enabling sound and light functions on the loco.

Any digital loco can be operated using the smartRail rolling road system.

The inital release of smartRail by Roco will be encased in a special wooden casket.

Price and release date to be confirmed.

STOP PRESS: Newly announced today smartRail by Roco with DB 10 002 4-6-2 tender loco with smoke + sound

New releases oct124

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New releases oct123

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Area 10 ‘O’ Gauge Exhibition

New releases oct122

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New releases oct121

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Brekina’s Oktoberfest!

We have today received an email from Brekina outlining their October releases.

Please click HERE for details.

Should there be any of interest, please CONTACT US.

Arrivo! New Brumm releases coming soon

We’ve received an email from Brumm today announcing their upcoming releases.

Click HERE for a pdf showing them. If any are of interest please CONTACT US

11 Wochen bis Weihnachten

We have today received a newsletter from Fleischmann/Roco showing the upcoming new releases due in the next 11 weeks. They include some items that have not been previously announced. Should any of these items be of interest to you please CONTACT US

Please click HERE for the November news.

Please click HERE for the December news.

You will note that at the end of this year the UK’s Fleischmann/Roco agent John Hills will be retiring. We take this opportunity to wish him Auf Wiedersehen and all the best for whatever comes next.

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