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New Tamiya RC items coming soon…

Click HERE for details of upcoming Tamiya RC releases.

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New Tamiya Plastics coming soon…

Click HERE to see the range of new releases coming soon from Tamiya

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For Cindy*


A step-by-step guide for building a Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin.

  1. Charge the batteries 1
  2. Attach body mounts        23
  3. Install the steering servo, radio receiver and Electronic Speed Controller P1180399
  4. Assemble the gearbox  P1180601 P1180602
  5. Install the motor P1180603 P1180604
  6. Mount the transmission to the chassis P1180853
  7. Install the rear suspension P1180861
  8. Attach the battery holder P1180862
  9. Install the front suspension arms and steering mechanism P1180874
  10. Install the front suspension P1190037
  11. Mount the tyres on the rims P1190038
  12. Attach the wheels to the chassis P1190083
  13. Assemble the body P1190084
  14. Mount the body on the chassis P1190089P1190088
  15. Pose for photos  P1190087 P1190086 P1190085

This car will be on display in the shop window soon…



EFE May announcements


Announced today are these new items from EFE. Alongside the product “reveal” is the news that after 3 years at the same price EFE will be putting RRPs up to £34.50 which means that our prices for these items onwards will be £27. For these releases ONLY we will be offering them at £27 including P&P for any pre-orders placed through our website.

Future releases will be £29 post paid for pre-orders and £27 + P&P for post-release purchases.

Dapol Terrier news

Delay In The O Gauge Terrier Delivery

Whilst performing some final pre-delivery checks on the O Gauge Terriers on our recent visit to China, Dapol have found there was a slight problem with the level of electromagnetic emissions from the model that is required for the product to be fully compliant with CE regulations and standards.

A slight modification is now required to the production which unfortunately will result in delay in the shipment. Dapol now anticipate delivery will be towards the end of July. Dapol would like to apologise for this unfortunate hold up and are disappointed for all customers who are looking forward to receiving this much anticipated model.

On a brighter note, they are pleased to say that the second half of the shipment has been brought forward and the BR and Bodiam variants are now due to be delivered three to four weeks later.

Once again please accept Dapol’s apologies for this unfortunate delay to the shipment.

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