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Wills Modern Level Crossing


The modern level crossing, with its familiar barriers and suspended metal curtains, and associated equipment, is now available in model form, and will be welcomed by modellers of the contemporary railway scene. This detailed plastic kit contains a wealth of parts:
  • Roadbed, complete with anti-trespass boards.
  • Four curtained barriers in the lowered position, and four raised barriers (giving a choice as to how the level crossing should be modelled).
  • Barrier supports, warning lights and road signs.
  • Relocatable Equipment Building (R.E.B.).
  • CCTV & Lighting Posts x 2.
  • Approx. 580mm palisade fencing.
The roadbed has been designed to be used in conjunction with PECO Streamline Code 100 & 75 flexible track for single or double track lines, and additional roadbed can be added for multiple tracks. It should be noted that it is not compatible with Setrack track geometry, so modellers will have to contemplate some modifications to the roadbed to make it fit. On a single track section it would be fine.
Although intended as a static model, provision has been made to enable operation using the Pecolectrics SmartSwitch servo motor control system, the barrier pedestal being hollow and parts included to facilitate a connection with the servo link wire. The effect will be quite impressive.

The attention to detail is fantastic. In fact, one Network Rail engineer has even commented on how accurate our model is – praise indeed! Of course, the crisply moulded plastic parts will benefit from additional painting.


EFE – Bachmann take over

From Bachmann:

Bachmann Europe Plc is delighted to announce their acquisition of the Exclusive First Editions range of 1/76th scale die-cast vehicles including buses, coaches, lorries and London Underground tube trains.

The company began trading as part of the ERA Group in 1989 and was originally located in Great Yarmouth before moving to Milton Keynes. In 1996 the company moved to Hemel Hempstead and in 2001, Frank Joyce, the only remaining founder member of the EFE team bought the company with his wife Brenda, relocating to Enfield the following year.

Bachmann Europe Plc began distributing EFE products to the model trade in July 2013.

David Haarhaus, Managing Director of Bachmann Europe Plc said today “We are delighted to incorporate another high quality addition to our existing model and hobby portfolio. The Exclusive First Editions range of collectable vehicles has enjoyed a good reputation for developing highly detailed and well researched models. EFE has been a corner stone of Die-Cast Model collecting for many years, while other ranges may have come and gone with varying interpretations of the original vehicles.

We are looking forward to further developing the existing items, and delivering new models to the many EFE collectors and discerning enthusiasts around the world.

Frank Joyce’s ethos was always to set out to produce the most accurate model possible. This matches the Bachmann ideals entirely, never trying to be the cheapest, but working hard to try and be the best”.

Thanks to JC for the “heads up”

Heljan Hymek

We have today received news from Heljan that the following 4 OO Hymeks are due in the next week or so. We will have limited quantities available so please let us know should any (or all!) be of interest…

3522 – D7012 in BR green with NO yellow panels

3523 – D7054 in BR green with small yellow panels

3524 – D7076 in BR green with full yellows ends (preserved)

3525 – 7011 in BR blue with full yellow ends

All are fitted with 8-pin DCC interface and have a suggested SRP of £129.95*

*our price will be approx £110 exc P&P

Oxford car transporter

We have been sent this photo by SR with the following comments…


“Thought you might enjoy this photograph.
After two hours I have finally loaded the car transporter! Not suited to top of the range cars, would have fared better with ten Mini Coopers!
Yes, I know it won’t go round corners, and the Jaguar at the rear may be delivered with a flattened bonnet, but there you go !”

Heljan 05 update


Proposed liveries are as follows with a suggested SRP of £395.00

2590 – BR plain green livery

2591 – BR green livery with ‘wasp’ stripes (later style of stripes)

2592 – BR green livery with ‘wasp’ stripes (early style of stripes)

2593 – BR blue livery with ‘wasp’ stripes (later style of stripes)

There were two types of ‘wasp’ stripes depending on when the loco was built and so these revised liveries reflect that

2594 – Industrial livery – CEGB in all over yellow with ‘wasp’ stripes

2595 – Industrial livery – NCB green with red detailing and ‘wasp’ stripes

2596 – Industrial livery – maroon with ‘wasp’ stripes on bufferbeams only


Exclusive Last Editions?

Last week we heard a rumour regarding the future of EFE.

Yesterday we received the following email:-

“EFE was declared insolvent on Thursday 6th Oct and has gone into administration.

Frank Joyce no longer owns the brand and the administrator with his help is now running the company which has been put up for sale.  Many of the staff have left the company.

Very sad news but not entirely surprising – EFE seemed to have run out of steam choosing to rely on re-issuing existing models at increasing prices. It could never be sustained – new models needed to be brought forward.

The only glimmer of good news from this is that Bachmann have taken delivery of their commissioned model of the Leyland Titan prototype and is awaiting despatch from their warehouse in the next few weeks.”

Scouring online we have found websites mentioning a “reliable source” backing up this information…

This is indeed sad news in the diecast model industry with EFE having come into existence shortly after we first opened our doors. Hopefully a potential buyer will be found soon…

Thanks to AT and AW for the information

Peco OO scale Bullhead track

…and from Peco

“OO scale bullhead track

Coming soon from

We have just run the first test of our new tooling for the forthcoming OO scale bullhead track so we thought we would like to share this image with you. Our designers and tool room guys have worked extremely hard to bring the most detailed and convincing OO scale bullhead track to the market, and we are confident that modellers will be very happy with the results. Featuring a sleeper design that replicates as closely as possible the correct scale for 4mm (OO) scale, and accurate representation of rail chair detail, we anticipate that this track will meet the needs of modellers looking for extra realism. This track will be fully compatible with existing Code 75 track, and indeed with the Code 100 range using the Transition Track SL-113.

Look out for more news on this new product shortly, due for release in November.”

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