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Following our recent refit, here are a few photos of the during and after…

Emptied shelves


Full boxes


Bigger when empty!


The new scenery wall


The new kit shelves


New display cases, new displays


New shelves for diecast and rolling stock


All shelves were emptied and stock moved out. New slat walling was fitted for the scenery wall. The old carpet was cut up and removed. Most of the hooks in the ceiling were removed and the holes individually filled. The ceiling was painted. A new carpet was fitted. New shelving units were assembled and put in place. Stock was brought back and the shelves filled. All-in-all it took 85 hours over 7 days.

There are a few things left to do but the major jobs have been done. We hope you like it!

New REE Modeles announcements


Re-fit reminder

  • we will be CLOSED from 5pm on Saturday 18th July until 9am on Tuesday 28th July for a re-fit – new carpet, new shelves, etc.
  • during this time we will be unable to process any orders as stock will be packed away and not accessible
  • to help make a bit more space we are giving a 10% discount off EVERYTHING until Saturday 18th July.
  • NB. online, this discount will only be available until midday on Friday 17th July to allow time for processing and dispatch of orders. In store, the discount will be available until 5 on Saturday 18th.
  • this discount is NOT available on PREVIEW items so any orders placed for these items will be refunded and not processed

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