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New Year’s Honours List 2011

We have decided to hold a “New Year’s Honours List” to gauge our customer’s and visitor’s views on what’s been good, what’s been bad and what they would like to see next in the releases from the manufacturers whose products we sell.

To leave your views, please add a comment below in the following way – please ensure you distinguish between the good and the bad!

Good: your nomination for the best product of 2011
Bad: your nomination for the most disappointing product of 2011
Wish list: your nomination for a product you’d like to be produced and by whom.

At the end of January we will collate your views and see whats what…

LS Models OCEM Postal coaches

Received in today’s e-post

Click HERE and HERE for full details

If any of these are of interest please CONTACT US

Modifying your 4-VEP so it has windows!

In the latest issue of the Hornby Collectors’ Club “The Collector” there is an article on how to get right what Hornby got wrong with the 1st class compartments in their 4-VEPs.

Please find the article below

To be honest though, we don’t see why Hornby couldn’t do this in the first place!!

Incidentally, the article also mentions item R3413 BR 4 car VEP Unit Class 423. This may be a new release for 2012. Hopefully, this one will have all the VEP’s problems resolved…. Here’s to holding your breath!

Bachmann and Farish Works Report

Updates on work in progress from Bachmann’s Collectors’ Club magazine

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