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New Metcalfe kits


In stock NOW

EFE July announcements

We have today received the following sheet from EFE showing their planned releases for August and September.

All items are £25 each + P&P.

EFE JulyIf any of these items are of interest please CONTACT US

Brekina releases for July & August

Click HERE to see a pdf of the new releases for July & August from Brekina

If any are of interest please CONTACT US

Making TRAXX: Brawa announce new locos and coaches


Brawa have now announced 2 new TRAXX locos – the BR245 diesel and the BR145 electric – as companions to their upcoming TwinDeXX coach packs, in HO gauge.


They have also announced the upcoming release of the TwinDeXX double deck coaches in N gauge.

To see PDF files for these new announcements please click BRAWA_Flyer_TRAXX_D for the locos and BRAWA_Flyer_TWINDEXX_H0_N_D for the coaches.

Should any of these items be of interest please email us at

Hornby announcement

We have this afternoon received the following from Hornby…

“Hornby Hobbies Ltd – Retail Customer Update – 9th July 2013


Topline Summary

·         2013 Catalogued items transferring to 2014 delivery confirmed

·         New appointment of Supply Chain Director

·         Modelzone Trading under Administration – Impact


Hornby 2013 Catalogued Items Transferring to 2014


·         An itemised list has been included with this communication.

·         It highlights by item code the products catalogued in 2013 that will not be delivered until 2014

Why are there changes?

·         Despite our best estimates a proportion of delivery dates will not be met

·         There is no single reason for this delivery date movement – it is a culmination of factors impacting our delivery critical path

Why are you telling us this now?

·         In the past we have not communicated changes in delivery until much later in the year

·         We acknowledge it is important we share information with you earlier

·         We want you to be aware as early as possible

·         We know you deal directly with our passionate consumer

·         We are attempting to improve the news flow to you, and the consumer so it is factual as opposed to rumour or conjecture

What are you doing about it?

·         We are broadening our supply base BUT the benefits of this will be in the medium term

·         We have brought in new personnel to look at this challenge

·         We have worked hard to improve our visibility of the situation

·         We are now facing into the challenges, and working to improve on the dates communicated to you.



New Appointment of Supply Chain Director


·         Red Mckay joins Hornby Hobbies Limited following the conclusion of 12 weeks of supply chain consulting at Hornby

·         Red’s career background;

a.       Retail Buying positions with Asda Wal*Mart

b.      Commercial Sourcing/Supply Chain development with Woolworths, and the NHS

c.       Various consultancy projects addressing similar challenges Hornby must address

·         Red is passionate about our brands, and the continued success of our hobby

A comment from Red

“I have listened intently to consumers, retail customers, shareholders, our supply team, and other departments within the business over the last 12 weeks. It is clear there has been a long period of disruption with our supply chain, and the team are committed to addressing this. We provide the service, which enables our company to deliver for customers, and ultimately consumers.

It is our goal to satisfy those demands;

·         On Time

·         In Full

·         Always

There is no immediate fix but we are committed to making progress. We will continue the work to broaden our supply base, and challenge ourselves to improve our communication be it good or bad news – it matters.”


Where is Red starting?

·         Red is currently in China

·         By the end of this week Red will have met all our manufacturing partners


Modelzone Administration – Impact


What has happened?

·         Modelzone went into administration on 27th June 2013

·         The business is currently being run by the administrators Deloittes whilst a business solution is sought i.e. it continues to trade

·         On 4th July a liquidation sale began with savings of between 10%-30%

·         Hornby & Scalextric brands are excluded from these sales

How does this impact Hornby?

·         Hornby is a key supplier to Modelzone across Hornby, Scalextric, Airfix, Humbrol and Corgi

·         Hornby Plc issued a statement about the limited impact of this to Hornby Plc which can be viewed here;

Key questions received from customers;

Is Hornby okay?

·         This is covered in the Plc statement but the short answer is YES

Can we buy the stock Modelzone were going to buy at bargain prices?

·         The short answer to this is NO

We’ve got customers coming into our shop asking about their Modelzone pre-orders and what will happen to them?

·         We recognise that consumers are concerned

·         You know that for limited stock we have to allocate to you

·         This means that Modelzone’s allocation may have taken a pre-order against it

·         Hornby does not have the individual names of “pre-order” consumers

·         We do not know the full outcome of Modelzone’s administration

·         We ask you to refer the consumers to our helpline, and we are attempting to update the specific consumers on how they can obtain the product details are below;

Phone: 01843 233525

Website Address:


What will happen to the Modelzone exclusive products?

·         We are currently reviewing the items, the delivery dates, and the most effective way for these to be sold

·         We do not know the full outcome of Modelzone’s administration


Key questions received from consumers;


Is Hornby/Scalextric/Airfix/Humbrol/Corgi – okay?

·         This is covered in the Plc statement but the short answer is YES


What will happen to my “Great Gathering” pre-order?

·         Modelzone had been allocated approximately 50 Great Gathering sets

·         Hornby is attempting to get a confirmed list of “pre-orders” taken

·         Please contact Hornby directly with proof of your pre-order

·         Hornby will keep you updated


What will happen to my Modelzone pre-order?

·         Modelzone took pre-orders on a number of Hornby Hobbies Ltd products


·         Hornby has over 600 retail customers across the UK who may have the product you pre-ordered – please see our website for a list of stockists


·         Alternatively contact Hornby directly with your proof of pre-order via

i.      Telephone – 01843 233525

ii.      Email –

                                                          iii.      Letter – Customer Care Team,

Hornby Hobbies Ltd,



Kent, CT9 4JX


Hornby will keep you updated however should you have any concerns please in the first instance contact your sales representative.


Kind Regards


Hornby Sales Office”

To see the list of items put back to 2014 click this link… 2013 Catalogued items transferring to 2014 – customer communication

Hornby go direct!

We have today had our attention drawn to this on RMWeb…

We do have an alternate source for Hornby International models, so if this item is available on the Continent. we may get some. But only “may”…

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