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House for sale

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Vollmer announcement

Below is an announcement made on Vollmer’s website – Vollmer

Dear valued customers and friends,

after careful considerations we have decided to stop the production and to give up the plant of Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen by mid-year 2014.

We shall attend the International Toy Fair end of January 2014 in Nuremberg for a last time and will present our novelties which will arrive at outlets during the first half of 2014.

We’d like to thank all of you for your truly valued support and solidarity over the past decades.

Sincerely yours,
Susanne Vollmer
Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG

Brawa 2014

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4 years in the making…

We would like to thank our customer, AM, for sending in the following photos of his recently “completed” layout

As you’ll see plenty of detail has been put into many scenes making this layout much more than just a railway.

The layout consists of:

    about 70 / 75 meters of track
    72 buildings
    16 bridges
    83 lights in the buildings – 3 working models
    14 other lights for station areas
    42 street lights
    288 trees
























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New Arnold releases for 2014

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SmartSwitch has arrived, the latest addition to the Pecolectrics range. This innovative servo-controlled system is ideal for operating turnouts, signals, gates and any other animated feature on layouts of all scales and gauges. Significantly SmartSwitch also offers superb value for money when you consider that everything you need to operate 4 accessories is included in the box.

SmartSwitch uses compact yet powerful servo motors, which can be programmed to provide very precise movements at a speed that can be selected by the modeller (and there are 9 possible speed settings!). They are capable of throwing any sized PECO turnout in slow-motion without the need to modify it or remove its over-centre spring.

PECO have made a short video to introduce SmartSwitch to you.

The main set PLS-100 comprises of the following components;
SmartSwitch board-the brains of the system
Programming board-used to set the speed and desired movement of the servo
4 x servo motors-including all brackets, fixings and template stickers for positioning
4 x 1 cable- with plug-in sockets
Easy-to-follow set-up manual
Set-up is easy: all connections to the SmartSwitch board simply plug together or attach to screw terminal blocks. Programming is easily done using the detachable servo programming board, and full, plain-English instructions are included with each set.

The SmartSwitch control board

2 The programming board

Each servo has a mounting bracket included and everything to connect it up to a turnout is supplied, with a variety of mounting options. The template stickers help with postioning.



The motor can easily be fitted above and below the baseboard as well as operate other accessories such as signals.

Out of the box, SmartSwitch is a standalone system, with only an external 12vDC power supply required to operate, and it uses traditional toggle switches (included) to activate the servos. The toggle switches will accept the Pecolectrics PL-31 connectors, for those wishing to avoid soldering.

With the addition of the PLS-135 Stationary Decoder, SmartSwitch can be operated by a DCC controller, and uses the constant DCC voltage in the rails as its power supply. The decoder is also easy to program, and is compatible with most makes of DCC control systems.

Stationary Decoder

6 Smartfrog

If the SmartSwitch system is used to operate PECO Electrofrog turnouts, the polarity of the frogs can be changed automatically, electronically and 100% reliably, when the servo moves the blades across by adding a SmartFrog to each turnout. LEDs can be added to the SmartSwitch or SmartFrog to show the directional status of each servo-ideal for control panel route or operating 2-aspect signalling.

Each SmartSwitch control board operates 4 servos and the system can be expanded with additional control boards and servos, available seperately, to meet the requirements of any sized layout. Each control board needs its own 12vDC supply.

SmartSwitch is great value. The PLS-100 SmartSwitch set has a suggested retail price of £65 which equates to just over £16 per turnout or accessory. That compares very favourable against ordinary stall-type slow-motion motors, and the system is much more versatile. Remember, everything needed to operate 4 accessories is included in the box, right down to the last screw! The plug-and-play nature of the system means that set-up is straight forward, and should be within the grasp of most modellers.

The PECO website will shortly be featuring a YouTube flim clip introducing SmartSwitch to modellers, with a brief overview on how it works. This will be followed up with more useful YouTube features at a later date. We will also be placing the instructional book on our website to act as a reference for everyone. Also, look out for the Railway Modeller April issue which will carry a brand new “Show You How” booklet on the cover, the title of which will be “Operating Points & Signals”. This will expand further on the use of SmartSwitch on layouts, showing just what a versatile system it really is!

The Range:
PLS-100 SmartSwitch Set UK SRP £65.00
PLS-120 SmartSwitch Board UK SRP £29.00
PLS-125 Single Servo Motor UK SRP £14.50
PLS-130 SmartFrog UK SRP £10.50
PLS-135 Stationary Decoder UK SRP £14.50
PLS-140 1m Cable Extension UK SRP £5.00

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Brekina 2014

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