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In this together

A message from tonies – “It’s not easy being cooped up inside as a family around Easter. Especially when you can’t find the words to explain to your little ones how and why it’s so important to stay indoors and be aware of social-distancing.
And why they can’t see their grandparents and friends?

We’ve teamed up with children’s author Giles Paley-Phillips to confront some of the most-asked questions children have at this time within an audiobook.

In this together

In our story, Rosie’s mum and dad are faced with the tricky task of explaining why she’s not in school due to the ‘microscopic bug’, why she’s not able to see her friends and how they can protect her grandparents and the elderly.

You can download the audiobook for free and upload it directly to your Creative-Tonie. That way, the next time the kids pop their creative friend on the Toniebox, they’ll be able to listen to Rosie’s story.
Why not try it out this weekend?”

Click here to download – In this together

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