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New Minitrains HOe/OO-9 announcements

Click HERE for details of the new Fiddletown & Copperopolis range of locos and coaches from Minitrains

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Zvezda “Luigi” step-by-step build

First step is to clip the wheels and tyres together


Step 2 is to join the chassis and the body support together with the wheels


Third step is to attach the bodywork sides to the chassis


Step 4 involves mounting the numberplate and bumper moulding to the rear engine cover and attaching this to step 3


The 5th step involves attaching the sunroof to the remaining bodywork piece and then attaching the roof and bonnet to the car



The final step is to stick on the windows to give Luigi that well known smile!!


Dapol Cl.73

We have had an email from Dapol today regarding their OO gauge Cl.73. Included is this snippet of information…

“Just to keep you in the picture, the CAD/Cam’s had a number of inaccuracies in them and these are now being worked on
urgently. We are aiming to have this model available for the end of Quarter 3 2014. Please be aware that this is an estimate only and with the way Far Eastern production is at the moment we cannot give this date as a guarantee.”

They’ll be here eventually!!

Brekina releases for November/December

Click HERE for a pdf of the new announcements from Brekina

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New LS Models announcements

Click HERE for a pdf of new items from LS Models.

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New EFE announcements

Items for release in December 2013 and January 2014.

EFE October

If any of these are of interest, please CONTACT US

Heljan news

Heljan has announced two new OO models:

GWR/BR ‘1366’ 0-6-0PT
Metropolitan Railway/LT Bo-Bo electric

more details of these and a third model will be revealed at Warley later in the month.

They have also confirmed the types and identities of the Gresley ’02’ 2-8-0s and Hunslet Class 05 shunters in development for 2014/15:
OO LNER/BR class 02 ‘Tango’ 2-8-0
Class 02/3 with high running plate and ‘stepped’ tender
3910 – LNER 3965 in LNER black
3911 – BR 63954 in early BRITISH RAILWAYS black
3912 – BR 63948 in BR black with early crest
3913 – BR 63952 in BR black with late crest

Class 02/4 with high running plate and ‘flush’ tender
3920 – LNER 3962 in LNER black
3921 – BR 63983 in BR black with early crest
3922 – BR 63975 in BR black with late crest
3923 – BR 63982 in BR black with late crest

OO Hunslet/BR class 05 Diesel Shunter
Two types will be produced to accurately portray the differences on the prototype
Type A
2500 – D2574 in BR green livery
2501 – D2578 in BR green livery with ‘wasp’ stripes (preserved)
2502 – D2582 in BR green livery with ‘wasp’ stripes
2503 – CIDER QUEEN in green livery with ‘wasp’ stripes (industrial)
Type B
2520 – D2591 in BR green livery with ‘wasp’ stripes
2521 – D2600 in BR green livery with ‘wasp’ stripes
2522 – D2595 in BR blue livery with ‘wasp’ stripes (preserved)
2523 – DEPARTMENTAL 88 in BR green livery with ‘wasp’ stripes

They also have the Class 26 in original form still to come next year.

Shepherd Neame tricycle van from Oxford: Latest

We have had information from Oxford this week that the Shepherd Neame tricycle van will now not be available until January next year. However, they have sent photos of a pre-production sample which, we’re sure you will agree, looks great! We are looking forward to 2014 more than ever now!

SP077 front

SP077 leftSP077 back

SP077 right

SP077 top

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