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Birchington Model Railway Exhibition


Whitstable Model Railway Exhibition


2014 clicks & searches

As has become a tradition here are the stats behind customer searches on our website through 2014…

    Top week code search was for may144 with 3572. In 2nd place dec142 with 3181, 1 ahead of jan144.

    Top manufacturer searches were Busch with 752, Peco with 687 and Brawa with 674. “Market leader” Hornby had a lowly 338 searches although we did encounter some interesting spelling variations lower down the search list…

    Our specially produced Shepherd Neame Reliant had a number of different search terms used to find it on our site. Adding them together they totaled just over 110 searches.

    One item which did catch our eye was the search term “goodbye“… At first we wondered why… Then we realised the Hornby Great Goodbye A4 locomotives were searched for 220 times! This was the highest number of searches for a certain product in the year.

So “Goodbye” to 2014. What will you search for in 2015?

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