New Year Honours

In 2015 customers looked for over 10000 search terms on our website.

The top 3 weeks searched for were:-

  1. jan154 with 3458 searches
  2. aug154 with 2929
  3. mch152 with 2789

The top 5 manufacturers searched for were:-

  1. Heljan with 2313 searches
  2. Minitrains with 1868
  3. Herpa with 1399
  4. Busch with 1059
  5. Brawa with 758

The “Big 2” of Hornby and Bachmann had 355 and 217 searches respectively.

We also had 1 search for “Brother Sewing Machine”, 1 for “Her parents” (we think a little automatic spell correct came in to this one) and 1 (surprisingly!) for “if ‘sleep ’15’, null, null’, null,null,null.null,null”

Happy  New Year!

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One response to “New Year Honours

  • John Cherry


    Interesting figures and the “Sewing Machine” would make sense as you a “Hobby Shop”!

    Really low searches for the big two – strange.

    My own figures were that apart from January 2015 when I did not visit (always a low month after the big Christmas spend) I made visits on average of twice a month. I purchased 30 forms of traction (steam/diesel/dmu), which surprise me, as well of course some buses and carriages/wagons. I think Hornby ruled the roost for 2015.

    My spending therefore does bear thinking about……

    Here’s to 2016..

    John C


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