Peco OO scale Bullhead track

…and from Peco

“OO scale bullhead track

Coming soon from

We have just run the first test of our new tooling for the forthcoming OO scale bullhead track so we thought we would like to share this image with you. Our designers and tool room guys have worked extremely hard to bring the most detailed and convincing OO scale bullhead track to the market, and we are confident that modellers will be very happy with the results. Featuring a sleeper design that replicates as closely as possible the correct scale for 4mm (OO) scale, and accurate representation of rail chair detail, we anticipate that this track will meet the needs of modellers looking for extra realism. This track will be fully compatible with existing Code 75 track, and indeed with the Code 100 range using the Transition Track SL-113.

Look out for more news on this new product shortly, due for release in November.”

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