Message from Hornby

Dear Customer,

In light of recent trading results, we have had to review the range we are launching in 2016 and have had to make a limited number of changes to the Hornby, Scalextric and Corgi ranges.

As a result, the following items (shown below) are no longer available.

Hornby Hobbies is passionate and committed to ensuring all our products deliver a great experience for all our customers, and the changes are to ensure the products that remain in our line, are true to this objective.

On this occasion we apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment this late change to our 2016 range may have caused.

Kind regards,Hornby Hobbies

SKU Description
R3383TTS BR 4-6-0 ‘Earl of St Germans’ 4073 Castle Class – BR Early TTS Sound
R3386TTS BR 4-4-0 ‘King’s Canterbury’ Schools Class – BR Late TTS Sound
R3387TTS BR 4-6-2 ‘Lord Hurcomb’ ‘70001’ Britannia Class with TTS Sound
R3389TTS Class 60 ‘60012’ EWS with TTS Sound
R3391TTS BR Class 31 ‘31239’ with TTS Sound
R3442 LMS 4-6-2 ‘City of Bristol’ ‘6237’ Princess Coronation Class
R3446 LNER 2-8-0 ‘6359’ Class O1
R3452 GWR 4-6-0 ‘Llanvair Grange’ 6800 Grange Class
R3470 A1A-A1A Diesel ‘D5509’ Class 31
R3472 EWS Co-Co Diesel ‘56018’ Class 56
R3474 Virgin Bo-Bo Electric ‘The International Brigades’ ‘90015’ Class 90
R3475 Greater Anglia Bo-Bo Electric ‘Norfolk and Norwich Festival’ Class 90
R3492 RailRoad BR ‘20059’ Class 20
R3493 RailRoad BR ‘Sir Richard Arkwright’ ‘87026’ Class 87
R3494 RailRoad BR 4-6-0 ‘45025’ ‘Black 5’ Class 5MT
R4178C BR (ex-LNER) 61’6″ Gresley Corridor Comp Brake, Crimson & Cream
R4179B BR (ex-LNER) 61’6″ Gresley Corridor 1st Class, Crimson and Cream
R4180B BR (ex-LNER) 61’6″ Gresley Corridor 3rd Class, Crimson and Cream
R4181B BR (ex-LNER) 61’6″ Gresley Corridor Buffet, Crimson and Cream
R4745 BR ‘2-SET W’ Coach Pack
R6764 Departmental ZCV (Tope) Wagon


SKU Description
C1363 Grand Prix (ARC ONE)
C1359 Le Mans (ARC AIR)
C1357 Touring Cars (ARC PRO)
C3699A Mercedes F1
C3700A McLaren F1
C3707 Lotus 49
C3778 Team Truck
C3710 Team Cops n Robbers Street X Car
C3769 Ford Daytona Prototype
C3725 Chevrolet Camaro 1969
C3726 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Trans Am
C3728 Ford Mustang Boss 302 1969 Trans Am
C3729 Mercury Cougar XR7 1969 Trans Am
C3780 Audi Sport Quattro E2
C3753 Ford RS2000
C3752 Lancia Delta S4
C3754 MG Metro 6R4


SKU Description
TY66073 McLaren F1 4 Twin Pack
TY66075 Mercedes F1 Twin Pack
CC02801 Top Gun F-14A
CC15814 Mercedes-Benz Actros (MP4), M Way & Sons
VA10109 Triumph Stag Mk2 Magenta
VA11508 Triumph TR250, Signal Red


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3 responses to “Message from Hornby

  • John Cherry

    Hi Harvey

    Thanks for that and your other message.

    Now that is interesting because there are other items not shown on that list which are now coming up as “Item Withdrawn From Production”. Try R3453 and R3451 for example.

    Very confusing to say the least, but that’s Hornby.

    John C


  • Graeme Mc

    Personally speaking it’s a real shame the sound fitted Schools has been pulled, was waiting until release to be absolutely sure it was the hi-spec model and not the Railroad model (the artist’s impression on Hornby’s website didn’t really help) as I was looking to grab one of those.

  • jc

    I would suggest to anyone to check with the Hornby website by searching under the “R” number to see if your particular item or items are no longer under production for 2016. In addition some items are shown as 2017 release. However it is probably better for Hornby to slim their production than to have no Hornby at all, in view of their financial problems.

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