Ixion Fowler diesel progress UPDATE

August 24th 2013: Today we have received the following photos. Included with these are a list of points for amendment. They are:-

1) The GWR lettering is being refined.

2) The production version will have glazing fitted.

3) The donkey motor and left-hand sandbox will be fitted square.

4) The control panel will have printed dials.

5) The cab roof will be painted black.

6) The plain version will be identical save for the ommission of the GWR insignia on the cab and bufferbeams and the lining. It will also have a plain back chimney.

7) The oil lamp fitted to the locomotive is contains a LED that illuminates when the locomotive is travelling forwards.

The accessory pack will contain an oil can, wrench, 3 spanners, 2 hammers, 6 dummy oil lamps and 2 dummy electric headlamps. Customers will be required to fit the lenses to the lamps and the pre-formed wire handles to the oil lamps. This pack will have a RRP of £6.50.

Ixion Fowler 2EP GWR front

Ixion Fowler 2EP GWR profile left

Ixion Fowler 2EP GWR profile right

Ixion Fowler 2EP GWR rear

August 7th 2013: Today we have received an email with photos of a painted sample. Ixion state that the cabside lettering needs modifying and this will be done before production begins. They also state they are on schedule!






July 19th, 2013: In an email received today, we have the following update regarding Ixion’s Fowler diesel project…

Click  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ijqggteeqxqv6ht/oOh8-Dkbh8 for video of the 1st sample running.

This is further to the earlier email reagrding production samples…

“Attached are some rough photographs of the first, incomplete engineering prototype model of the Ixion Fowler diesel mechanical locomotive. We have already noted a couple of cosmetic corrections that will be required, but we are pleased to have progressed to this stage.

The price of the locomotive will be the same price as the Hudswell Clarke despite increased costs and an inferior exchange rate.

We will keep you posted as further news is received.


Ixion Model Railways Ltd

Fowler 1EP 1

Fowler 1EP 2

Fowler 1EP 3

Fowler 1EP 4

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