Realtrack Cl.144 progress

We have received the following email from Realtrack regarding the progress of their upcoming Cl.144 Pacer unit…

“The Pre-Production samples are currently being produced for our assesment:

These have:

Modified lighting Circuit, RP110 Profile wheels (Changed from RP88), additional rivit detailing on bodyshell, additional underframe detailing & fine printing on chassis.

Assuming the samples meet our specification, then away we go! We are and have been rather ‘pickey’ on the specification, bearing in mind this is our first DMU.

The limitations we are working with are FULL see through windows & seating, touching corridor connections & low profile motor drive system, these features bring with them problems:

Fully see through windows and seating: Motor & Drive hidden under seating unit, thus causing lack of room and fiddly fitting of DCC equipment.

Touching corridor connections: Making us apply restrictions on curvature of RTR trackwork.

Circuit board and 8Pin connector between Non Powered car & Powered Car: This connection maked the set more rigid thus giving a lack of tollerance to poorly laid trackwork.

Overall we are pleased with the product, we accept that some layouts in there nature will not accommodate the 4 wheeled chassis and we are prepared for the phone call stating that

‘Well all my other trains fun round my layout with no problems. The comparison with the Hornby 142 will be made, we accept the this 20 year old model with 12mm steam roller wheels, crude and sloppy internal couplings would probably run on anything, but our 144 is a scale model with 10.3mm wheels and is closely coupled, so ours has limitations to trainset curves.

I hope you like the pictures attached and we thank you for your continued support.

Arran & Charlie. REALTRACK models ”

144 Production 1

144 Production 2

144 Production 12

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