New Year’s Honours List 2011

We have decided to hold a “New Year’s Honours List” to gauge our customer’s and visitor’s views on what’s been good, what’s been bad and what they would like to see next in the releases from the manufacturers whose products we sell.

To leave your views, please add a comment below in the following way – please ensure you distinguish between the good and the bad!

Good: your nomination for the best product of 2011
Bad: your nomination for the most disappointing product of 2011
Wish list: your nomination for a product you’d like to be produced and by whom.

At the end of January we will collate your views and see whats what…

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8 responses to “New Year’s Honours List 2011

  • Keith

    Good: Hornby Gresley Surburban Coaches

    Bad: Hornby 4-VEP EMU

    WishList: Bulleid 4-DD DoubleDecker EMU by Bachmann


  • Chris

    Good : Oxford Diecast N gauge Vechiles (All of them)

    Bad : I could not think of anything personally.

    Wishlist : Dapol LNER A4 in N gauge

  • JC

    Good : Bachmann BR/LMR 3F 0-6-0
    Bad : Hornby 4VEP
    Wishlist : Bachmann to do a ER J27 0-6-0 locomotive (or a ER Q6 0-8-0)

  • Jack

    Good: Herpa windturbine and turbine trailers

    Bad: Havent brought anything disapointing!

    Wishlist: A larger herpa crane and support vehicles for a diorama with the wind turbine trucks!

  • Sue C

    Good : Bachmann Derby lightweight DMU going to Maryport

    Bad : My husband spending too much money.

    Wishlist : A nice J15 0-6-0 from Mr Bachmann please

  • Phil

    Good: Herpa 158817 Cadzow Heavy Haulage Mercedes with
    Nooteboom Pendel-X trailer

    Bad: N/A

    Wishlist: Like Jack above would like to see a larger
    crane from Herpa with support vehicles plus
    new trailers for counter ballast weights
    and boom

  • Alex

    Good: The CMC Fiat Bartoletti transporter you got me in time for Christmas.
    Bad: The Corgi “comedy ashtray”!
    Wishlist: CMC are doing the Maserati version of the transporter… Yes please!

  • ronald goward

    Ron. G.
    More than pleased with all my purchases of N Gauge

    Some very good offers indeed.

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