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The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway had its original rolling stock manufactured by the Bristol Wagon & Carriage Works. The coaches were built to a very high standard and came in a variety of forms, some of which were modified during their careers on the line. Following closure in 1935 many were sold off and found alternative use as summer houses and sheds. Remarkably nine coaches (or parts thereof) survived, one is running on the Ffestiniog Railway, one (largely un-restored) is in the National Railway Museum and the rest are in the care of the re-born L & B in various stages of restoration.

The coaches will be supplied with the lettering illustrated, a transfer sheet for the ‘SOUTHERN’ wording and running numbers will be included for purchasers who wish to brand them as such but we suspect a lot will end up running for ‘private’ railways! We have already taken a large number of pre-orders for the first batch so don’t miss out, get yours in now! Those of you who attended the Llanfair Garden Railway Show will have had a chance to see the lovely pre-production samples of these coaches, for those who didn’t, here are the four versions:

R19-18 Brake Composite

R19-19 All Third

R19-20 Centre Observation Third

R19-21 Composite
The models are constructed in plastic with die cast metal bogies and feature full seating detail. The coaches come with a 45mm insulated wheel set fitted but a 32mm wheel set is provided for use on ‘0’ gauge. Couplings are chopper type but have a hook fitted if you wish to remove the chopper hook and use 3 link chains.
• Scale: 19mm to 1 foot (1:19)
• Length over couplings: 625mm
• Width over footboards: 128mm
• Height over lamp tops: 153mm
• Gauge: 32mm or 45mm
• Min Radius: 1m (3′ 3″)
• RRP £195 each

R19-18 – Lynton & Barnstaple Brake Composite in Southern Green
R19-19 – Lynton & Barnstaple 3rd Class in Southern Green
R19-20 – Lynton & Barnstaple Centre Observation 3rd in Southern Green
R19-21 – Lynton & Barnstaple Composite in Southern Green
We will be releasing a further batch of Lynton & Barnstaple bogie vans and wagons next year to accompany these coaches. Just imagine it, a rake of eight vehicles double-headed by ‘Lyn’ and ‘Lew’ forging their way from Barnstaple up to Lynton, “Perchance it is not dead…..””

Should any of these items be of interest, please doi not hesiate to contact us at Hobb-E-Mail

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