Accucraft September bulletin

“Gauge 1 (1:32 scale) L&SWR B4 0-4-0T’s and LNER A3’s, another batch of ‘Countesses’ and all the latest news. Images of the Lynton & Barnstaple coaches will follow after the weekend…..

Parallel with the development of the A3 model, we are also tooling up a live steam London & South Western Railway B4 tank locomotive in 1:32 scale, in particular No. 30089 Trouville which had a reasonably ‘normal’ cab. Intended as an “entry level” loco in Gauge 1, the model will be gas-fired and have all the features you would expect from an Accucraft locomotive. The chassis is constructed from stainless steel. Boiler and cab are constructed from etched brass. The target RRP will be £800.00 and a power unit only version will be available for £695.00. We fully expect this model to be extremely popular and open up a new market for many of our dealers who may have had little to do with 1:32 scale to date.

An initial batch of twenty locomotives were designed by William Adams for the London & South Western Railway and constructed at Nine Elms between 1891 and 1893. These small but powerful engines were intended for shunting in restricted sidings with tight curves and were deployed in such locations as Southampton Docks, the Hamworthy freight branch and Poole Quay. Drummond added five similar locos to the class in 1905 although assorted rebuilds saw a great many variations in cab design and boiler fittings. Because of their work in the docks, twelve acquired names from locations along the French channel coast. After a long career with the L&SWR, Southern Railway and BR, some were sold into industrial use and two have been preserved, Normandy on the Bluebell Railway and Granville at Bressingham.

We will be producing the following versions:

S32-8 – BR (EX L&SWR) B4 0-4-0T No. 30089 – BR BLACK, EARLY EMBLEM
S32-9 – BR (EX L&SWR) B4 0-4-0T No. 30089 – BR BLACK, LATE CREST
S32-10 – BR (EX L&SWR) B4 0-4-0TNo. 30089 – BLACK, UNLETTERED
S32-11 – B4 0-4-0 POWER UNIT

To aid clarity, we are illustrating the four versions of the A3 that we intend to release. We are already taking forward orders for this batch. The first batch will only be 100 locos so please ensure you order the versions you require as soon as possible so that we can get the production percentages sorted out.

S32-1 – 1:32 scale A3, double chimney, deflectors, late crest (electric version illustrated)

S32-2 – 1:32 scale A3, single chimney, late crest (electric version illustrated)

S32-3 – 1:32 scale A3, ‘Flying Scotsman’ as running in 1975 (electric version illustrated)

S32-4 – 1:32 scale A3, ‘Flying Scotsman’ as running in the 21st C. (electric version illustrated)

We have a batch of live steam ‘Countesses’ due in September, a large number of which have been pre-ordered. This will be the last batch for a considerable time (think in terms of years) and we will be advertising this fact. Please ensure that your customers are aware of this and place their orders as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. As before, when the consignment arrives we will double check your requirements for manual and radio-controlled versions before sending your back orders to you.

We now have only two NG15’s remaining in stock. Both are the unlettered version and we understand that very few of our dealers have any left. These are not going to be repeated so to avoid disappointment please ensure that your customers know this.

The superb NG15 (SAR version illustrated)

Below are the anticipated UK delivery dates for various items.

Countess (live steam) – September 2011
Ragleth – December 2011
Baguley Drewry Diesel – 1st Quarter 2012
L&B Coaches (Compo & Brake) – 1st Quarter 2012
L&B Coaches (3rd Class & Obs) – 2nd Quarter 2012
I O M 4 Wheel Coaches – 2nd Quarter 2012
L&B Bogie Brake Van – 3rd Quarter 2012
L&B Bogie Goods Wagon – 3rd Quarter 2012
WD Baldwin – August 2012
Peveril (live steam) – 2012
1:32 A3 ‘Flying Scotsman’ Live Steam – 2012
1:32 LSWR/SR/BR B4 0-4-0T Live Steam – 2012 ”

Should any of the above items be of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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