The Mid-Hants Railway Spring Gala in pictures


9F 92212 waits to depart Ropley on the 1st train of the day towards Alton

Black 5 45379 on the “tail” of the 1st train to Ropley

9F 92212 and 9017 “Earl of Berkeley” at Ropley

“Earl of Berkeley” lets off steam

9F 92212 lets off lots of steam!

“Earl of Berkeley”

“City of Truro” and U Class 31806 pull into Ropley at the head of the 9.30 Alresford to Alton service

“City of Truro” takes on water at Ropley before leaving for Alton

Having been watered, “City of Truro” waits whilst 31806 takes water before departure

“City of Truro” runs round its train at Alton before returning to Alresford double-headed with 9F 92212

9F 92212 takes a rest at Alresford as U class 31806 waits to depart on the 13.00 to Alton

“Lord Nelson” arrives at Alresford on the van train

U class 31806 arrives at Medstead on the 13.00 from Alresford

9F 92212 finishes the climb into Medstead with the 13.35 van train to Alton

Black 5 45379 departs Medstead for Alresford on the 13.50 from Alton

“Lord Nelson” heads into Medstead on the 14.10 Alresford to Alton

“City of Truro” and “Earl of Berkeley” double-head the 16.10 from Alton into Alresford

Great Western “Pitchford Hall” leaves Ropley with the 16.45 to Alresford

“Earl of Berkeley” leads the last train of the day from Alresford into Ropley

“City of Truro” tails…

Black 5 45379 and “Lord Nelson” stop at Ropley on the last train to Alresford

Black 5 45379 and “Lord Nelson” leave for Alresford

“City of Truro” waits at Ropley at the end of the day’s services

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2 responses to “The Mid-Hants Railway Spring Gala in pictures

  • John Cherry

    Well would you believe it Harvey has turned into a secret gricer!!He pretends not to have an interest behind that counter but his secret is out now! What next – will he be displaying his model railway?

  • The Hobby Shop

    Ha ha, I’m not sure a photo of a cupboard full of boxes would be of much interest. However… We are thinking of having a customers layout section in the near future…

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